The system of R&D production and sales strength
Huaren's research, production and sales departments are well set up, fully staffed, directly under the leadership of the company's general manager, and formed a complete and two-way closed-loop system.


After the design and development process of the R&D department, the new product is formed with stable process, and the R&D department is responsible for on-site training of production employees before handing over to the production department, and at the same time delivers the process documents, quality documents, assembly tooling, etc. to the production department; The production department strictly controls the production process, manufactures stable and uniform quality products, and delivers them to the sales department; In the process of contacting doctors and patients, sales get feedback on product functions, and guide the R&D department to further improve the material and structure of products, so as to truly achieve the realization of the concept of "customer-centric".
Counterclockwise is a form of contact between the three departments of research, production and marketing commonly used by major companies today, and Huaren also has a form of counterclockwise contact.


Before a new medical product project enters the formal design & development process, the R&D department delivers the product-related information to the sales and marketing department, which evaluates the project and starts marketing planning for feasible projects; The sales department conducts product-related application and medical knowledge training for production department personnel in the stage before the new product is transferred to production; If a new product encounters any problems in the production process, the production department can feedback back to the R&D department, and the R&D department process personnel will deal with and solve it.
The ultimate goal of the research and production and sales system: to build a leading innovative medical instrument brand in China.


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