All our products are produced in a clean workshop that meets the production conditions, and the clean workshop is designed and accepted in full accordance with GMP standards and passed the environmental testing of the provincial drug supervision and administration department, and environmental monitoring and cleaning and disinfection procedures are carried out regularly to ensure that all production processes are carried out in a qualified environment. The cleanliness level of the clean workshop is A, C and D, and the key production processes of the product are carried out under the A level area to ensure the cleanliness of the product.


Material warehousing can meet the production capacity of products, in full accordance with the new version of GMP requirements, raw and auxiliary materials, packaging materials, products to be inspected, qualified products, unqualified products, etc. are stored in different regions, and there is a clear status mark. The storage area has good ventilation facilities, clean and tidy, which can meet the storage conditions of materials


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